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A must have book for an employee to read

May 30, 2009

Hi all,..I've read a book actually about how to make easy financial plans series by Safir Senduk,and i think thats a must have book for an employee to read.This is not my commercial things,its morelike a share with you all guys,..
An employee - at any cost salary - couldn't be welfare if not saving and investing.Poorly,lots of financial books gave the opinion that saving and investing its a complicated things to do.
These are five principle,or should it say five easy plans which are easy to follows by employees to be able to savings and investing.
1.Fixed financial planning to the future
2.Monthly savings
3.Investing your bonus
4.More productive to your belongings
5.Prepare your self facing hardtimes financial.

Courtessy of Safir Senduks series financialplans books by title "Karyawan harus nabung biar makmur,..!"